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Fangirling for Thought


Re-watching Sakura’s fight with Sasori, and my question is:

How come all of the haters conveniently leave out how astounded Sasori was at Sakura’s strength and power? I mean, really—-I’m watching it right now, and he literally says: “In a battle of strength, there’s no way I’ll out last her.” And this is an S-ranked member of the Akatsuki; his stats are a 34.5to Sakura’s 26 and chūnin status. Still, haters say: Sakura’s weak, she can’t fight—-Sakura’s pathetic. Are you kidding me? (And this was before she mastered the Strength of A Hundred seal.)

Weak my ass.


This is why Sakura is my favorite female character ever. Sakura is worried over her strength. She worries over her usefulness. But she always wants to help. She always wants to do something for the greater good. She’s not scared of over her death at all. Like with Naruto I had the honor of growing up with her and I also had the honor of watching her grow and mature. 

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